Tweet Tweet Tweet Away

6 Nov

As I mentioned last week, Twitter would start out this week’s Social Media experiment. It was rather hard to learn anything new about Twitter; considering I’ve used it for so long, but ‘what the hay’ here we go. As you, most people, know Twitter is a 140 character post speaker box for you to share what you are doing, thinking of “right now” and in some cases tweet “pure nonsense”. And if you are a newbiee (I’m going to spare my blog today and direct you to the “Rules for Twitter Newbies“)

But whatever your goal may be, Twitter is an extremely high-voltage tool for you and your business to get noticed, engaged and relevant to your audience. For some companies Twitter can seem like a lot of “white noise” sent out into the world of the internet….with no one paying attention or reacting. But that’s NOT TRUE. Let me paraphrase – It isn’t true if it is done right.

How do you do it right? ENGAGE!

It doesn’t matter if you are a printed advertisement or viral video, you must engage with your audience thus evoking a good, healthy response (A purchase right?! – They go out and buy the latest Mac Pro or run to Mickey D’s to get the latest McRib sandwich – I’m caught that advert worked for me) Here’s a recent article through that I thought was so appealing I tweeted it out “5 Most Engaged Brands” – Read it

Don’t trust me – Here are some recent success stories,

Executing Twitter

  1. Schedule tweets – There are loads of programs out there to make it easier on you. I’ve used Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. Both were great at allowing you to schedule your posts, get real-time analytics on your views and see all comments, posts and re-posts on one screen. Trust me, Twitter fanatics, with multiple accounts, love this. MetroTwit is another new program to try out if you are using a Windows PC. When is the best time to Tweet? Click here [Excellent blog post for finding your “sweet spot” for Tweeting] No puns intended!!!
  2. Writing compelling posts – You only have 140 characters to get it right with lots of eyes carefully awaiting (this is the aim, of course). Read this article (valuable information on compelling tweets)
  3. “Analytwits” your Twitter campaign – At the beginning of our Social Media campaign back in early 2009, the analysis consisted of “lets throw it out there and see what sticks” – well this doesn’t work for resumes and it certainly won’t work for your Social Media Campaign. There are loads of tools out there to analyze your Twitter campaign, “8 Excellent Twitter Analytics Tools” will give you a good starting off base. In a recent LinkedIn “Social Media Marketing” group this discussion was posted (I was glued to the responses – Yes I love this stuff!). Unilyzer, Radian6 and Awareness to name a few. Also Tweetdeck and Hootsuite have analysis software, but its only basic information.
  4. Re-directing – It’s helpful to make sure that your tweet are going to something, Duh!. You would be amazed how many excellent, well-thought out Tweets have the wrong link or talk about a blog that un-searchable. Sad times indeed. Make sure you keep your eye on the ball – Redirecting your audience to your blog, Facebook page, Company website, recent biography in Fortune magazine or video on is the goal.

I have finished my experiment and as with all science projects I have developed a conclusion – Make Twitter part of your Social Media Campaign – Why? Because it’s the 3rd most popular SM platform with 175 million users (your market) consisting of consumers (old and young), businesses (large and small) and in recent weeks US Mid-term politicians and of course the

#1 reason: It has a cool bird mascot 


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